Access Control Installation Geneva

Control of office access, control of warehouse access. The suppression of keys facilitates the moves and control of employees’ moves.
Access control devices can make sure that a person has the right to access a building or a room.
Authorization for access to sensitive sites can be limited to people or to definite time spans.

Biometric access control
The biometric access control is the most efficient way to make your site safe. The device records the fingerprints and offers an optimal solution for keeping your office premises safe.
The employee puts his finger on the outside part (scanner). If the information received correspond to those that were recorded beforehand, access will be authorized.

Products :

  • badge reader
  • biometric fingerprint reader
  • biometric vein reader
  • facial recognition reader

Use :

  • access control
  • access management

Advantages :

  • personalized solutions
  • reasonable manageable cost
  • totally autonomous

Use : residence, apartments, offices, warehouse, galleries, etc.