Need to install video camera surveillance systems (home, business, condominium)? We are the experts.

Sentinel Security Systems knows the risks to which your homes, condominiums or businesses are exposed (theft, burglary, intrusion, vandalism …) and we provide you with our video surveillance installation service. Our expertise acquired since 2014 allows us to ensure you the best installation of video surveillance systems, as well as a quality follow-up, at very interesting tarifs.

A wide choice of wireless video surveillance systems, according to your budget

Sentinel Security Systems specialize in consulting, implementation, installation, and maintenance of different cameras for video surveillance.
From analog or HD-SDI to IP cameras and cabled cameras, we bring detailed know-how adapted to each individual demand.

Analog video surveillance:

This is more common and more economic than numeric cameras, these cameras are called CCTV cameras (Closed Circuit Television). They necessarily function with a DVR type recorder (digital video recorder), with the aim of sending the video signal to the recorder that registers the data on a hard disk.HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) is the term for the video transmitter (1280x720x1080 or 2048×1080), not compressed on the coaxial cable for distances up to approx. 100 m maximum.

HD-SDI video surveillance:

Still, a few years ago, the only way to have a video surveillance camera in MP quality was to plunge into the IP “world” with its difficulties for configuration which went along. But thanks to HD-SDI cameras it is not necessary anymore to abandon the CCTV traditional system to take advantage of the high-quality image. HD-SDI is a new concept for CCTV and is a widely used standard in TV industries where one needs to work with high-quality video.HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) is the term for the video transmitter (1280x720x1080 or 2048×1080), not compressed on the coaxial cable for distances up to approx. 100m maximum.

IP video :

Cameras with HDTV networks represent recent technological progress that has entailed a huge interest in the video surveillance market. As for the megapixel, the HDTV format results in a high-precision image. A network HDTV camera also corresponds to industrial norms that ensure an excellent color-result, an optimal image frequency, and a 16:9 format.

Even a camera with 1MP offers a three-times higher resolution to a CCTV analog camera. Some network cameras can even offer a resolution up to 8MP – or more.

Camera anti-vandal and infrared lighting

These cameras are designed for inside or outside use and exist in two models.
They are discreet and integrate a led infrared lighting, thereby ensuring a night vision. Their “housings” protect from shocks.

Outside cameras for villas

These cameras are regularly installed to survey villas. They are economic and weather-resistant, and they guarantee the security of your residence.

Camera for car plates identification

These high-definition cameras are particularly used in the industrial sector and can efficiently survey access points (gas stations, etc.) and read car plates.

Protect and serve.


“The demands of this job require constant vigilance and commitment. At Sentinel Security Systems, continuous training and involvement are the prerequisites for optimal security.”

Gustave Jourdan – Sentinel Protection

Numeric recorder

Numeric recorders are connected to cameras and memorize the videos transmitted by these.

Video surveillance monitor

We offer several monitor models that can be set up according to your security needs and your budget.

Products :

  • analog cameras, HD-SDI and IP
  • videos to be read on a smartphone or a server
  • exploitable video recordings for the tracking of intrusion author

Strong points :

  • allows removal of doubt through viewing the recordings
  • easy, performing and reliable
  • makes it possible to pass the images to the police, in case of theft, for the tracking of the burglars.
  • dissuasive

Application: residence, apartments, warehouse; offices, galleries, etc.

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As you can see, we have all types of cameras possible and imaginable to provide you with the greatest sense of security, concerning the protection of all types of sites (condominium, villa, house, business, premises under video surveillance …).

If you would like to have video surveillance installed on your sites and/or obtain a video surveillance installation quote, do not hesitate to contact us by email on or by phone on +41 22 840 5112. We will answer all your questions about our video protection systems with the utmost attention.

Let us set up your video surveillance and then connect it to our security company services for optimal protection

As you will have understood, our objective is to offer you the best remote surveillance systems to ensure the protection of goods and people. With our offer of Swiss video surveillance carried out by professional installers, we are working towards this goal. And for more security, we can also offer you the installation of an alarm and video surveillance system.
In order to have even increased security, you can also call on the security patrol units and permanent surveillance of our second company, Sentinel Protection, a company specializing in security and surveillance systems.


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