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With Sentinel Security Systems, your security is our priority. Every day, we focus our work on protecting you. Our mission is to make your home and office a safe and secure place where you can move about with confidence and peace of mind.

Trust the highly trained agents of Sentinel Security Systems. With their experience and training, our qualified employees use all their expertise to meet your requirements. After defining your needs and objectives with you, they come to your premises to install high-performance alarm systems. Our team of technicians takes care of the follow-up, maintenance, and management of alarms. We also remain at your disposal to guide you in the (very simple!) use of your new equipment.

Services with proven effectiveness

Enfin, une fois votre matériel de sécurité installé, l’agence Sentinel Security Systems laisse la place au savoir-faire, à la réactivité et à l’efficacité des membres confirmés de notre deuxième société, Sentinel Protection. Sentinel Protection est la société experte en matière d’intervention sur alarme depuis 2001, qui entre en scène en cas de déclenchement d’une alarme, elle-même mise en place au préalable par Sentinel Security Systems. Depuis presque vingt ans, nos équipes donnent leur savoir-faire afin de suivre une procédure d’intervention sur alarme infaillible et immédiate. Pour cela, nous pouvons mettre en place un grand nombre de solutions pour assurer la protection du site (alarme intrusion, agents de sécurité, agents de gardiennage, ronde de contrôle, sécurité incendie, station et centre de télésurveillance).

Protect and serve.


“The demands of this job require constant vigilance and commitment. At Sentinel Security Systems, continuous training and involvement are the prerequisites for optimal security.”

Gustave Jourdan – Sentinel Protection

They trust our company 

Two security companies for double efficiency

In addition to an alarm system, you can, of course, get technical tools for remote monitoring (video surveillance, remote surveillance, security cameras…), in order to feel more comfortable at home or at the office. At Sentinel Security Systems, we will be happy to advise you and help you make your choice from our wide range of security tools. Likewise, Sentinel Protection is committed to providing you with the best possible support in all matters related to home security. Our teams, made up of highly qualified technicians, will provide you with the best support and service tailored to your needs. Thus, in terms of alarm intervention specifically, all their efficiency is based on their very high reactivity. All of our security teams carry out an alarm intervention as soon as possible, in order to ensure continuity of protection.

The team of Sentinel Protection believes that the right to security and peace of mind should not be a luxury, we offer alarm intervention prices that challenge all competition. If you would like to know more about our alarm response services (rates, procedure details, etc.), please contact us by email at or by phone at +41 22 840 5112.


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