We provide you with the ultimate fire protection device

Whether you are in charge of an industrial site, an ERP or a tertiary building in Geneva, fire risks are undoubtedly your main concern. Indeed, this constitutes a real and serious risk, which can affect the physical integrity of your employees and customers and can be classified among the first potential causes of operational disruption for your company.

In order to relieve you of this burden, Sentinel Security Systems can install a high-quality smoke detector in your premises. The objective is to detect the fire outbreak as quickly as possible and to give immediate alarm in order to protect people on-site and limit material damage.

Our experts will come to your premises to install a fire alarm that will protect you against any outbreak of fire. In addition to the installation of fire alarms, our technicians ensure the monitoring and maintenance of your equipment.

A fire-alarm adapted to your needs and in conformity with the security-norms

In order to offer you the highest protection, Sentinel Security System provides you with high-performance alarm fire systems:

Our products:

  • Smoke detector
  • Thermal detector
  • Heat detector
  • Pushbutton in case of fire
  • Direct transmission to the fire-brigade
  • Signaling lamp

Strong points:

  • Allows to directly alert the fire-brigade in case of  fire
  • Easy and efficient
  • Early warning system and reliability, the key-elements of fire-detection.


Home, apartment, any enterprise, etc.

Protect and serve.


“The demands of this job require constant vigilance and commitment. At Sentinel Security Systems, continuous training and involvement are the sine qua non for optimal security.”

Gustave Jourdan – Sentinel Protection

They trust our security company

Satisfied customers with our fire protection services

Sentinel Security Systems, provides not only a fire alarm system for businesses, but we also protect your home with a fire alarm adapted for your home. To protect you and your family from fire hazards, our fire detectors are of the latest technology to meet your needs.

Connected to our remote monitoring center 24/24h and 7/7, as soon as your connected smoke detector goes off, our specialized agents are able to react instantly with the utmost professionalism. Even when you are not at home, this intelligent smoke detector ensures your protection at very attractive prices.

If you would like more information about fire detector systems, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@sentinelsecuritysystems.ch or by telephone on +41 22 840 5112. Our fire alarm company will be happy to answer all your questions.

A wide range of services to guarantee you the best possible protection

For advanced protection, you can also call on our second company Sentinel Protection, an expert in alarm system intervention services, which also provides remote security for sites (homes, offices, etc.) downtown and Left Bank areas of Geneva, but also throughout Switzerland.

Sentinel Security System as well as Sentinel Security Protection, focus their priority to ensure your protection, whatever the context.


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